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The professional juvenile eel whisperer 




The Elverator™ is a novel device that collects young eels, or elvers, as they migrate upstream in rivers and streams. It consists of a floating structure with a large protective cover, a cascading water flow, and multiple ramps with a proprietary climbing substrate. The Elverator™ attracts elvers by providing shade, cascading water, and a large easy access entrance. The Elverator™ collects up to 3X more elvers than conventional traps and ramps, and does not harm them in the process. It can be easily installed, moved, and removed from the waterway, making it a convenient and effective tool for identifying the optimal location(s) for elver collection. 




Behavior-Informed Design

The Elverator™ design is informed by the behavior of young eels (elver), which migrate upstream through slower flow streams. Responsive to sounds of flowing water, they tend to swim near the surface and seek shaded areas during daylight, all of which are considered in the design. 

Superior Attraction and Collection

The Elverator™ boasts a large cover, providing both protection and a substantial shaded water area where elvers gather. Features like cascading downstream attraction flow, internal water streams, and wide climbing ramps facilitate elver engagement, swim-to-climb transition, and ultimately, greater collection success. 

Efficient Climbing Substrate

The Elverator™ incorporates the proprietary EF-16 climbing substrate, which significantly enhances climbing efficiency for elvers. This substrate enables faster and more successful climbs with less elver effort. Its design features a 3-ft length at a 30° incline climb, typically surmounted in seconds to minutes, ensuring swift and effortless passage for migrating elvers. 

Fresh Water Circulation 

The resting pools and collection chamber are continuously fed fresh water reducing the risk of disease transfer and unhealthy water environment. 

Adaptability to Environment

Its floating design allows for standardization of attraction flow and climbing distance, irrespective of river fluctuations. This adaptability ensures consistent performance regardless of changes in water levels or flow rates, optimizing elver collection efficiency. 

Optimized Positioning

The floating design increases positioning opportunities to place the Elverator™ where elvers are most likely to be found. By strategically locating the device, it maximizes the chances of attracting and collecting elvers efficiently, enhancing overall trapping effectiveness. 

Easy to Handle and Simple to Assemble 

The Elverator™ is easy to handle and simple to assemble, making installation straightforward and servicing trouble-free. 


Effortless Maintenance

Easily removable from waterways for winter storage, the Elverator™ extends its product life. This feature simplifies maintenance tasks, allowing for convenient storage during off-peak seasons and ensuring longevity of the equipment. 


Proprietary EF-16 Tiles
Collection Containers
Protection From Predators
Folding Design for Transport

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