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Give the original suckers the fishway they deserve 



The Lampway™ is a floating device that helps lamprey, a type of fish, to overcome dams and other barriers during their upstream migration. It has two ramps that attract the lamprey with water flow and shade, and a collection chamber that may be connected to a smooth tube that leads the lamprey to the shore and over the dam (Pacific Lamprey) or into a trap (Sea Lamprey). The Lampway™ can be easily transported on a small trailer, pontoons unfolded and launched in minutes. 



Volitional and Low Impact Solution 

The Lampway™ offers a volitional and low-impact solution for Pacific lamprey passage, which can enhance their survival and conservation. 

Adaptable and Flexible Design 

The Lampway™ can be easily positioned and re-positioned to optimize lamprey attraction and entry and can adapt to large fluctuations in water levels and flow rates. 

Smooth and Protective Climbing Path 

The Lampway™ provides a smooth and protective climbing path for lamprey, minimizing stress and injury to the animals. 

Easy to Handle and Simple to Assemble 

The Lampway™ is easy to handle and simple to assemble, making installation straightforward and servicing trouble-free. 

Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Device 

The Lampway™ is a cost-effective and user-friendly device that delivers high-quality results. 


Protection From Predators
Collection Container 2
Folding Design For Transportation
Attraction Water FLow
Collection Container 1

How It Works


The Lampway contains two wide, continuously wetted aluminum ramps partially submerged, extending down below the waterline, supported by an aluminum frame structure and two ~11-foot-long pontoons to provide buoyancy. 


The structure has a cover to provide shade, facilitating lamprey-desired darkness and preventing aerial predator access. In addition, wide mesh attachment points at the sides and bottom have been designed to accommodate protection against pinniped access from the water, if needed. 

At the top of the ramps, the lamprey pass over a curved structure and slide down into a water-filled collection chamber with a 4” hose connection port on the upstream side. The port can be capped and the Lampway™ used as a collection device or a 4” smooth tube (wetted 4” heavy duty PVC fabric-reinforced hose) is connected to facilitate fish passage. 


The smooth tube is suspended and extended to the shore. Pacific lamprey have been shown to effectively climb up the interior of the smooth tube, following the water stream added to the smooth tube, enabling directed fish passage. 


The Lampway™ is designed to work with gravity-fed or pumped water to create a gentle spill that wets the ramps and the smooth tube. 

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