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Model L

The ultimate fish friendly fish passage solution 








The PassagePortal™ (Model L) is a revolutionary fish passage system that allows fish to migrate upstream in a safe, efficient, and selective way. The system uses differential air pressure, artificial intelligence, and modular components to pass fish over high-head dams, weirs, and other barriers. 


Versatile and adaptable to different fish species, a wide range of fish sizes and passage needs

The system has an adjustable ASP Fishway that attracts fish to the entry point, and two BurstBuster™ sizes that connect to five different sized MigratorTubes™. 

Provides detailed data and high-definition image collection on every fish 

The PassagePortal™ Model L has advanced sensors and cameras that allow it to identify the fish species, count, size (length and girth), wild or hatchery, tagged or injured (and in the future, male or female). This data and more is automatically recorded and transmitted to a designated storage database, where it can be accessed and analyzed by fisheries managers and researchers at any time. This provides valuable information on the fish population dynamics, migration patterns and behavior, and health, which can inform the conservation and management strategies for the fish. 

Rapid and effective in passing fish over long distances and heights

The system uses differential air pressure to propel fish through misted tubes more than 700’ high and 1100’ long. 

Selective and non-invasive when monitoring and sorting fish

The system uses a real-time, AI-enabled FishLRecognition™ system that scans, identifies,

and reports fish data without handling them. The system can also divert unwanted fish to a bypass chute. 

Safe and healthy for fish and the environment

The system minimizes stress and injury to fish by reducing handling. The system also has a low environmental footprint and easy installation with skid frame structures. 

More power plant production and higher survival

Given that the PassagePortal™ Model L relies on air rather than hydraulics to provide fish passage, up to 10% more of the river water can be allocated for power production rather than fish passage, which will have a direct impact on your ROI. 


Adjustable ASPFishway™
How It Works

How It Works